It’s our birthday, and we are celebrating the heady heights of turning five years old with none other than triangle sandwiches, crisps, jelly and ice cream, party hats, plenty of giggling and having a proper (virtual) celebration like 5-year-olds do! It made us think back to our own fifth birthdays and we had a good old chat about what we all wanted to be when we were five, and how differently life could have been for each of us.

At five years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? Is there something in it that suggests whilst your projected career path may not have been quite as your five-year-old self envisaged, you might be surprised when you look at your current profession and find surprising similarities! We took a look back to our own childhood days, which led to a hilarious Friday afternoon video meeting discussing our dreams and aspirations from our younger days!

When Abi was little, she wanted to be a zookeeper! Sadly, allergies put paid to her dreams of caring for a menagerie of different animal needs, but her passion for embracing the vibrant diversity of society lives on. As a real believer in everyone’s individuality, she finds her role super satisfying as she can work to match each unique candidate with their perfect employment habitat! Some days you’ll hear Abi proclaiming that she may as well be running a zoo as she juggles meeting the needs of her varied clients, candidates, staff and even family!

Charlotte, our Finance & Admin Manager, wanted to be a landscape gardener. She has always been motivated to keep everything neat, tidy and where it should be, and she most certainly does this at Truly Tailored Recruitment! Keeping everyone well organised and in order, Charlotte is essential to the smooth running of the TTR machine; a solid foundation that keeps the rest of the team stable.

Rachael wanted to be a TV presenter or a model! With an eye for detail and an interest in projecting the best image possible, she is well-suited in her role of keeping TTR on-brand and in the public eye across social media channels. Not one to shrink away from the limelight, Rachael will also attend networking events at any opportunity, always seeking opportunities to connect with new people and get the TTR name out there. She still stands by her view that back in the 90’s, her pose was terribly stylish…

Vickie aspired to be an Olympic equestrian star and does compete at high level Polocrosse these days, just as a hobby! Never afraid of hard work, long hours and perseverance, Vickie has just switched mud, hay and straw for a more comfortable office environment in which to display her skills. She understands from her years of having horses that you simply cannot just take a day off if you don’t feel like it as her horses are relying on her to carry out her duties. This same dedication is shown to all her candidates, and she genuinely cares about doing her very best to make sure they have the opportunities they deserve.

We at Truly Tailored Recruitment have really enjoyed looking back and reflecting on our wide-eyed selves and our hopes and dreams. It has been genuinely interesting too, to look at similarities and think about how skills and more importantly attitudes, are highly transferrable if you take the time to look at them in the right way. You can always train skills, but you cannot necessarily train someone to have a different attitude to something, and it’s important to remember this when sourcing candidates for vacancies across the spectrum.

Not one of us is doing the exact role we thought we would want to when we were five, but we all agree that we all love the jobs we do now and wouldn’t change them for the world! We would love to know your thoughts on this. Take five minutes to reflect yourself, and share with us what you wanted to be, and how it compares to what you are doing now.