5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job

It’s true that people who are happy in their job are less likely to have mental health issues and benefit the company they work for as they will take less sick pay and perform better. In fact, it is shown that people who are happier at work take 57% less sick leave.*

 But if you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied in your workplace. What can you do to fall in love with your job all over again?

  1. Feel more valued.

People who believe they are undervalued at work can often feel their efforts are not being recognised. This can quickly and easily lead to feelings of dissatisfaction. However, there is always another perspective to consider. Perhaps your boss is unaware that you are feeling like this. The answer is to ask for a meeting with them so you can discuss your feelings and request feedback. If you are doing a good job, completing your work to a high standard, in a time efficient manner, then maybe you are ready to take on new challenges.  A meeting is the perfect opportunity to ask to learn more and upskill yourself for both your own and the company’s benefit.

  1. Improve your communication skills.

Communication is something that should be instinctive to us, but all too often, when we try to communicate with others things can go horribly wrong. We say one thing, the other person hears something else, and misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts develop. This can cause serious problems in your work relationships. This does mean that for many of us, communicating more clearly and effectively does require learning some important skills. 65% of all communication is non-verbal and the best communicators are also the best listeners. You need to learn how to be engaged when you are listening, understand how to read nonverbal cues and ensure your nonverbal communication is delivered appropriately. Learning these skills will improve your connections with your work colleagues, build greater trust and respect between and improve teamwork, problem solving, and your social and emotional health.

  1. Improve your job satisfaction.

We all need to feel professionally fulfilled to remain satisfied in our jobs and this is often something that goes beyond the pay cheque. Is there something that you feel you could do to bring improvements to your job or company? Perhaps it could be giving ideas about how processes can be streamlined or pitching ideas for new products or services.

There is a huge focus now on corporate social responsibility and this could be an area that you could help improve for your company or perhaps you could be the instigator to implement a policy. If your salary isn’t the only benefit you gain from work, you will feel more fulfilled and satisfied.

  1. Challenge yourself!

Learning brings new opportunities and new horizons. There are many new skills you can learn that will benefit you, your organisation and your co-workers. Your company may be able to get some additional funding for you to learn new skills. Maybe you could get your co-workers involved in a team building exercise that could raise money or awareness the companies chosen charity. You will have loads of fun and could bring you and your colleagues closer together. Go on challenge yourself and everyone around you and you will all benefit.

 If all else fails..

  1. Is it time for a change?

Consider a move to a different company where the culture, ethics and ethos are more aligned to your personal values. Sadly, it could be that you have to accept that you are in either the wrong role or in the wrong working environment. Speak to us – we have years of experience helping people find a role within a company that suits them perfectly!


New Year’s Resolutions


It’s widely reported that New Year’s Resolutions rarely work – the 12th January has been named “Quitter’s Day” because of this fact. By this time in January many have fallen by the wayside. So why do we all start a New Year, with all these positive intentions to change ourselves?


The idea that we look back at the previous year and decide what we would like to change for the future is a long-standing tradition. Making New Year’s resolutions dates back as far as 153 BC and for years people have been making (and breaking!) their resolutions.


Resolutions surrounding health, including eating better and exercising more, are the most popular. However, one that remains firmly in the Top 10 list year on year is a change in career. In those last few days of the Christmas break, many people begin to dread the thought of going back to their current job. Not only are we battling with January being widely reported as the “worst month of the year” for many reasons including the Christmas come down blues and awful weather, the most popular one is being skint! So for anyone that has had a job that’s not the right fit for them, the start of January can be a really tricky time. Why are they working so hard in job they hate and have no available cash to show for it?


In spite of our early dedication, for many of us these resolutions will be a short-lived, with our drive to complete them withering away within just a couple of weeks. So why don’t New Year’s resolutions work? Why do we lose that drive that we felt at the beginning of January in a less than 2 weeks?


Resolutions don’t tend to stick for many reasons from setting unobtainable goals, to trying to do too much too quickly. Some of the most important reasons are insufficient support from others and a lack of belief in yourself. If you have regularly set yourself resolutions in the past and not managed to stick to them, it can be hard to have confidence that you will complete your goals. If this is coupled with you feeling that you have insufficient support then this will exaggerate your sense of failure. This year it is even worse as not only are we in a New Year it is also a new decade! Can we really have let ourselves down & those around us we rely on for support already? It through these wobbles your network are more important than ever for reassuring you that you can and will achieve them.


If one of your resolutions was to have a change in career, then Truly Tailored Recruitment can offer you the support you need to achieve this goal. We can be there for you to hold your hand throughout the whole process right from your initial enquiry, to CV and interview advice to handling the end of your contract and resignation worries. We are completely transparent with both our candidates and clients and the team here will work incredibly hard to find you the job of your dreams! We can make sure that you are not on your own through this process as finding a new job has been reported as being as high on the stress level list as moving home or getting divorced! Let us be part of your support network and give you the confidence to leave your current job and pursue a career that will make you happy in 2020.